Omicron is surging.  Teachers once again find themselves on the front line. 

Each district across the US is implementing different rules.

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So, which masks should teachers being using to protect themselves?

We learned that fabric masks cannot be trusted.  Read: Why Cloth Masks Might Not Be Enough as Omicron Spreads

The best masks are N95, KN-95, or KF-94.  

All block at least 94% of particles. While N95, blocks 95% and is Niosh Certified, the KN is a certified mask to Korean Standards, the KF-94 is a certified to Korean standards for 94% and a different type of style mask.

Here are links to all three on the

N95: One Mask

N95 Pack of 50

KN-95 Pack of 10

KN-95 Pack of 20