A year after much of the country entered strict lockdowns designed to contain the coronavirus, it remains largely up to state and local officials to determine what restrictions, if any, to impose to slow new infections.

A nationwide patchwork of rules for businesses and residents has resulted from months of trial and error, as governors have reopened some sectors only to later re-close and reopen them again as infection rates rose and fell.

Many states are moving closer to lifting all restrictions now that the vaccine rollout is underway. Others are still mandating the use of masks in public and keeping other limits in place.

Coronavirus restrictions by state

The New York Times is tracking coronavirus restrictions at the state level, including what businesses are open or closed — and whether officials require masks or recommend or order staying at home. Stricter local orders may also be in place, and local conditions may not always reflect state requirements.

Many states offer exceptions to broader rules, for example allowing bars to operate if they also serve food. Nearly all states limit capacity or require social distancing measures for businesses that are allowed to open.

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