If you’ve been watching professional sports in recent weeks, you’ve likely seen game officials, TV commentators, and opposing teams separated from others with large sneeze guards. These clear acrylic or plexiglass shields are not only being used in professional sports, they’re quickly being installed in schools, banks, convenience stores, and in commercial offices on desks, counters and between cubicles as social distancing measures are increasingly mandated by local governments and requested by employees that are working in these environments. 



When used as a barrier, partition or divider between two people, clear sneeze shields or screens can be an effective and friendly piece of protection from droplets expelled by noses and mouths when one coughssneezes or talks. And while sneeze guards have been used by the restaurant and hospitality industry for quite a while (along buffets, in food prep environments, etc.), the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and a drive to return to normal life, means you’ll likely see sneeze guards in more places very soon.  

In many industries, sneeze guards provide an ideal balance between germ protection and the ability to communicate between two people in a more natural manner. Two individuals, standing on opposite sides of a clear plexiglass shield, are able to see each other, respond to visual cues, and are given peace of mind that they are protected.  



Sneeze guards offer a flat, flush, and smooth surface for easy cleaning. With standard cleaning procedures, a sneeze shield can be quickly washed or sanitized throughout the day or wiped down between each transaction in a point of sale environment. 



Many sneeze guards are also built to be both durable and transportable. The two models available for sale on our website feature lightweight designs that can quickly be lifted and moved to a different location. This flexibility is ideal for work environments with rotating employees sitting in different areas each day.  



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