There have been quite a few stories in the media lately about hand sanitizer. The FDA has been warning consumers as well as health care professionals about toxic hand sanitizer products on the market which are not safe for use. So what’s safe, and which type of sanitizer is best? 


Before we dive into hand sanitizers, we must mention this first … there is no better alternative for cleaning your skin and preventing the spread of germs than good old-fashioned soap and water. However, we know that access to a sink isn’t always possible with our busy lifestyles, so hand sanitizer has become a favorite way to disinfect and clean our hands in places where soap and water aren’t readily available. 


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) notes that hand sanitizer should contain a concentration of at least 60% alcohol to kill germs. If your hand sanitizer contains less than 60% alcohol, it will likely reduce the growth of germs, but not kill them, so aim for 60% (or more) alcohol.  

Make sure to examine the label, and look for one of three active ingredients, ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol or benzalkonium chloride. These three ingredients indicate that the product contains alcohol. And if the bottle has 60% or more of one of these ingredients, you’re set!  


If you’re someone who will be using hand sanitizer more than once a day, we recommend finding a product that effectively kills germs, but is also gentle enough for skin. Essential oils and/or aloe vera are great ingredients to provide extra hydration for skin.   

There are also different types of sanitizer compositions on the market. We’ve seen gels, sprays, foams, wipes and more in a variety of sizes large enough for restaurants or retail environments with lots of food traffic, to smaller hand-held options that easily fit in a purse or gym bag.  


We’re guilty of this … keeping a bottle of sanitizer in the car. Check your hand sanitizer to be sure, but know that most solutions must be kept below 110 degrees in order to remain effective. 


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