As temperatures start to drop, and children head back to school, cold and flu season is upon us once again. And this year is unique. Many household cleaners are sold out at our neighborhood stores. Parents of school-aged children are navigating digital learning, and resorting to finding new avenues for supervised care for their children if they’re working from home. There’s a national shortage paper towels, and PPE items are being reserved for medical facilities and doctor’s offices as a large part of our country prepares to move indoors and brace for colder months ahead.  

As Labor Day comes and goes, this is a great time to take inventory of your medicine cabinet. Find a local facility to safely dispose of any medications that have expired. Purchase standard household medications, restock first aid kits (or purchase one if you haven’t already), and take a peek at the thermometer in your medicine cabinet … it’ll be your best tool this cold and flu season. 

Why’s That? 
Things are different this year. Let’s face it, we’ve all had days when we’ve asked family or friends, “Do I feel warm to you? However, this year as the Coronavirus pandemic is still a threat to our health, feeling a little warm may mean something different. This year we may be denied access to work or schools with mild temperatures, as a fever is one of the common symptoms for the detection of coronavirus.  

Protect Yourself and Your Colleagues/Classmates 
Taking temperatures at home before heading to work or school is an easy way to identify symptomatic family members, and prevent the possible transmission of COVID-19, the seasonal flu, or even a common cold before stepping outside of your home.  

While there are numerous types of thermometers on the market, our top pick is a touchless, infrared thermometer for its convenience, ease and portability 

Pros to a Touchless Thermometer 

  1. Convenience – Anyone with kids knows it’s a hassle to have them hold a thermometer under their tongue. Now imagine doing that every day before leaving for school. A non-contact thermometer is easy and hassle-free to use. Simply aim it towards your child’s forehead, hold the trigger and their temperature will quickly display.  
  1. Easy to Clean - One of the best features of an infrared, no-touch thermometers is that they can be used repeatedly without being cleaned or disinfected between each use, saving you time and also making the thermometer incredibly portable.   

What to Look For 
Investing in a quality, no-touch infrared forehead thermometer will give your family peace of mind for years to come. When selecting a thermometer for your family, look for: 

  • Accurate and consistent readings – read the instructions included with any thermometer to make sure you are using it correctly  
  • Auto-Shutoff - Save battery  
  • Backlight or Dark Mode Feature - If you have kids, purchasing a thermometer with a backlight or dark light feature will allow you to see the digital display if you’re checking temperatures while they’re sleeping 
  • Silent Setting - helpful for children who may be sleeping 

Our Top Pick 
Lightweight, battery-operated and easy to use, our digital infrared thermometer is a must-have in your medicine cabinet this fall.